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Bed Covers

For everyday use, bed covers provide protection for the items that are carried in the back. Another reason to install a good truck bed cover is to protect your belongings from the elements such as the sun, rain, snow, hail or animals taking refuge in the back of your truck. The most common bed covers are rollup covers. The original style was made from cloth or vinyl that snapped around the bed of the truck. This style required the installation of snaps into the body of the truck. These were replaced with rollup covers that were installed to the front and sides of the bed. The cover is rolled from the tailgate back to the cab. These are usually made of heavy-duty vinyl. 

Another popular feature of the retractable cover is the use of full bed space for moving a refrigerator or other large items, which is not possible with other bed covers. These covers are less expensive than hard covers and provide more versatility. Retractable bed covers are easier to use than the old-style rollup covers. They don't require repeated assembly and can be locked. 

Tri fold covers are durable and affordable, constructed from heavy-duty vinyl with an aluminum powder coating. Tri fold covers come completely assembled and are easy to install; the installation process takes about five minutes. This bed cover is water-tight keeping the bed of the truck dry.

Hard covers are usually made from heavy-duty plastic or fiberglass and are very popular. They are much heavier than other bed covers. They are opened from the tailgate similar to the hood of a vehicle and often have gas struts that help with opening and closing. Some offer compartments with separate openings. They can be painted to match the vehicle's color, with a secure locking system that discourages theft.

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